What we do

Empowering youth to bridge global knowledge with local challenges is the Global Shapers Minsk Hub’s mission. We uphold Belarus’ engagement in regional and global development processes and work on improving the country’s image in the international community. The Global Shapers Minsk Hub consider educated youth a driver of positive changes in Belarus.

Since the Minsk Hub was founded in 2015, we have established partnerships with important stakeholders inside and outside Belarus, designed the Hub’s development strategy and elaborated a number of social projects concepts. Our priorities include educational programs promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship. The Minsk Hub assisted with organizing the first youth training course within Erasmus+ in Belarus. Furthermore, the Minsk Hub works on establishing an independent arena for discussion between business community, civil society and Belarus’ political elite.

In January 2016, Denis Kolga, the Hub’s member, took part in the 46th Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. For this reason the Minsk Hub elaborated a proposal Minsk Hub of Peace to set up in Belarus a long-lasting international platform under the aegis of the Global Shapers Community / WEF, which would deal with resolution of conflicts which affect post-Soviet countries. Minsk Hub’s essay on this topic, along with a number of other country essays, was distributed among 2.5 thousand of Davos-2016 guests and published at the WEF Webpage.

Minsk Hub members take part in the most important regional and global meetings of the Global Shapers Community, including Shape Europe 2015 (Vilnius), Shape Eurasia 2015 (Bishkek), Shape Eurasia 2016 (Kazan) and Annual Curators Meetings (Geneva).