Minsk hub to co-organize international training courses for European youth

erasmusplusTwo youth training courses will take part in Spring 2017 in cooperation with AEGEE (Germany) and MEUS (France).

In cooperation with the Belarusian NGO “Youth Initiative” chaired by the Minsk hub member Denis Kolga, Global Shapers Minsk Hub will hold two youth training courses in Germany and France in the coming Spring.

The course Your vision for EUrope in Osnabrück, Germany aims at attracting young people to discuss important EU decisions. The course participants will learn from experienced experts and civil society representatives and produce a number of specific policy recommendations and youth opinions at workshops. A final document will be produced for the EU decision makers to take in account the youth aspirations and vision on a number of important issues.


The other course to be held in Strasbourg, France will be a simulation of EU political process. Participants will find out how it feels to be a MEP.

In September 2015 Minsk Hub assisted in organizing the first Erasmus+ youth training in Belarus. During one working week 30 participants from Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, Slovenia and Belarus discussed international relations, took part in a simulation game and produced a video on the topic of Global Citizenship.

EU program Erasmus+ was launched in 2014. Its primary goal is to support youth exchange and cooperation.

Minsk Hub will continue its work on greater inclusion of Belarusian youth into regional and international education processes, including support of events within the Erasmus+ program.

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