World Economic Forum’s delegation paid a visit to Belarus

wef_imgWEF’s delegation met Global Shapers Minsk Hub members and had a number of official meetings at state organs

On June 6-7 2016, first high-level visit to Belarus of the World Economic Forum’s delegation took place.  Anastasia Kalinina, Head of Eurasia at World Economic Forum, earlier Associate Director at the Global Shapers Community, chaired the mission.

Minsk Hub members organized a tour to Old Town for the WEF represetatives, including a walk in the Trinity Suburb and a viewing platform at the Belarus Hotel, and discussed the Hub’s activities at dinner.

As part of the visit, the WEF’s delegation visited the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study and Development Bank. The Global Shapers Minsk Hub contributed to with establishment of contacts between the WEF and Belarusian stakeholders, assisting with organizing a meeting of the WEF’s delegation with Vladimir Kariagin, Head of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship, and at the Ministry of Economy.

As an outcome of the improved relations between the WEF and Belarus, in late June 2016 the first official visit of the Belarusian delegation, led by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Evgeny Shestakov, to the 10th WEF’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, China, took place. The Global Shapers Minsk Hub will keep contributing to the development of Belarus’ international contacts beneficial for the country and population at whole.