Brief results of the Davos trip and our plans for the near future

klostersThe Global Shapers Minsk Hub team is delighted to inform about successful participation of Denis Kolga in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016.We plan to enlarge our team and to start new initiatives in the near future.

Denis Kolga, member of the Global Shapers Minsk Hub, took part in a series of discussions on Eastern Europe development and attended a number of closed sessions with world political and business leaders. The Global Shapers Minsk Hub warmly thanks Belarusian businesses, foremost MTBank, for support in organization of the trip to Davos 2016.

At the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, brochures with the Minsk Hub proposal were presented, elaborated by the Hub members Andrei Yeliseyeu & Denis Kolga. They introduce the idea of setting up an international platform for conflict resolution under the aegis of the Global Shapers Community / WEF in Belarus, with a wider youth involvement.


Denis Kolga with Muhammad Yunus, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2006

In Belarus, our initiative has found a positive response from a number of non-governmental organizations, Republican confederation of entrepreneurship, as well as from the state agencies including the National Agency of Investment and Privatization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Global Shapers Minsk Hub will continue to serve as an arena for discussion between business community, civil society and the country’s ruling elite. At the same time the Global Shapers Minsk Hub proceeds to design social projects beneficial for the local community, with greater attention to educational programs for Belarusian youth in the field of entrepreneurship and informal education.

Participation of our team member in the Davos meeting became possible thanks to hard team work. During a short period since the Minsk Hub was set up, our team members have taken part in major Global Shapers Community events, assisted in organization of the first Erasmus+ youth training in Belarus, established important partnership relations within Belarus and beyond. Our team member Andrei Yeliseyeu have been involved in international initiative which promotes facilitation of the Schengen visa procedures.

We are also happy to announce that our call for new members has attracted great interest among young professionals. We look forward to strengthening out team with new talented members of all walks of life.

Below you can find the links to some of the media reports covering participation of the Minsk Hub member in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016.

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