Minsk Shapers Hub members at the EntrepreneurShip project in Moldova

DSCN1167Small Moldovan town Vadul lui Vodă, which is 23 km east of Chișinău, hosted EntrepreneurShip international event within the Erasmus+ program. Minsk Shapers Hub members Yury Yurchanka and Aksana Rudovich represented Belarus.

EntrepreneurShip gathered 35 participants from 12 countries, including all six Eastern partnership states, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

EntrepreneurShip’s objective is to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship. EntrepreneurShip participants were tested their entrepreneurship skills & entrepreneurial traits and learned how to do business plans. The project was also aimed at creating a network among active youth from a number of European countries. During the contact-making event all participants learned about activities of potential partner organizations.

Informal communication at the intercultural party followed formal events. EntrepreneurShip participants made presentations of their countries, national cuisine and drinks. Bulgarians surprised foreign guests with the Bulgarian Rose Petal Jam.

EntrepreneurShip participants met local business community representatives during their trip to Kishinev.

As part of the EntrepreneurShip meeting, director of the Danish NGO “Intercollege” made a detailed presentation of the Erasmus+ programme and its opportunities.