Minsk Shapers Hub assists with the first Erasmus+ youth training course in Belarus VIDEO

group_mirThe training course “My role as a Global Citizen” as part of the Erasmus+ program took place in Minsk on September 2 – 8. This event was organized by the Italian NGO “Free Minds in Action” and Georgian NGO “Equality and Development Center” in partnership with the Belarusian NGO “Youth Initiative”, assisted by the Minsk Shapers Hub.

The training gathered 30 young professionals from Italy, Czech Republic, Georgia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Belarus. During the training, the participants heard lectures on international relations and migration, developed their debating skills on the actual international challenges in the simulation game, and prepared short videos on tolerance and global citizenship concept.

At intercultural evenings participants enjoyed national team presentations and tried foreign cuisine. Foreign participants saw Minsk sightseeing and visited Mir castle listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nata Jalaghonia from Georgia shares her impressions about the event:

Those days were fantasist to me. I think that I became more educated, tolerant, I got new friends. And last but not least, I realized that every nation has different traditions, but we must not feel fear them. On the contrary, we should look into different traditions, get to know differences and appreciate them».


The training course is important not only from the practical point of view. It also carries symbolic significance, as it was the first youth training course in the framework of the Erasmus+ to take place in Belarus. Earlier only one training for trainers as part of the Erasmus+ program was organized in Minsk. Erasmus+ is the large EU program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport, launched in 2014.

Andrei Yeliseyeu, Minsk Shapers Hub member, says:

Although Erasmus+ was launched almost two years ago, some of its formats did not touch Belarus until recently. This youth training supported by the Minsk Shapers Hub came as an important event not only from the practical point of view, but symbolically as well. Earlier Belarusian youth could only visit events of this track within the Erasmus+ which took place abroad. Our hub works on greater inclusion of the local youth into the regional cultural and educational processes. We hope this event will give a start to a series of other youth training courses in Belarus under the aegis of Erasmus».

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El artículo sobre esto evento está disponible en español aquí.

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